Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are you Kidding me? drops

I haven't participated in many TBR .ca drops in the last few weeks, but I do like to check the results.  I was doing that this morning and saw that had dropped and was picked up by Jaz Domain Names Ltd.

I know that smartphones and superphones have been replacing cellphones, so they aren't as big a market as they used to be, but you would still think that has enough value to be worth renewing.  Many people still refer to any mobile phone as a cellphone.

It would have been interesting if had been caught by a registrar that auctions domain drops, because I would have liked to see the price it went for.

Another nice domain that dropped was also dropped which was a nice one.



  1. I picked up cookinggames and got a website up. Still uploading more games.

  2. I own and looking for a $5K FIRM offer if you want in. You can find it on my site or SEDO. I feel it is a low asking looking at some recent .me auction sales.

  3. Nice pick up on cookinggames, a really popular games term. I'd have bid for it in TBR if I knew about it.


Thank you!