Sunday, September 18, 2011

More background on sale

Sydney Morning Herald runs article on domains giving some background on the recent drop and sale. is an Australian country code domain that just sold at auction for $125,000.

The buyer of is Hunter Valley property developer Vision Homes. Comment is being sought from the owner Steve Rollan.

Anthony Ziino, the previous owner who let the domain name expire, did not know the name had expired when reached by phone but said he was going to investigate.

Domain name industry players on the forum predicted would sell for $10,000, so the final price of $125,000 blew away their expectations.

“People are just beginning to realise that domain names are valuable and in this day and age it's essential for pretty much all businesses to be online.

“One of the ways to get to the top quickly is with a good domain name. As more domains are registered, supply is limited so it generally commands higher prices.”

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