Saturday, September 3, 2011 adds feature to homepage

In catching up with domain name news this morning, I normally like to check in at Frank Schilling's site to check on the 'Recent Action' section.  It has daily reports of domains they've had enquiries on, which gives a snapshot of keywords and subjects that are in demand.  Since they also have .ca domains, you often see one or two .ca's on the list each day which interests me.  Two recent ones on the list were and

Today I noticed a new header on the homepage that says "Why a Premium Domain Name... everyone starting a business anywhere in 2012 "must" secure a domain name".  When you click on Get Started Today, you are taken to a PowerPoint type page with an explanation on domain name prices and Virtual Real Estate.  It's well done and worth a read.  Some of this material may have been on the site previously, but they've changed the presentation of it and it is prominent on the homepage now.


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