Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zynga next Social Company to File IPO

I'm seeing news out today that Zynga is the next online company in the social space with plans to come out with an IPO.

Zynga has been in domaining news off and on for the past year or two because they have bought some of their game domains in the aftermarket, for prices under $1000 to in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Two examples are and

Online game creator Zynga plans to file for an initial public offering shortly, in a new test of US investors' appetites for Internet companies, media reports said on Tuesday.

The maker of FarmVille and other popular games is seeking a valuation of between $15 and $20 billion, CNBC television and The Wall Street Journal reported, citing anonymous sources close to the deal.

Link to Zynga IPO article:


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