Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fashion Star - New Media needs New Domains


New media needs new domains.

When you register a domain name, you never know if the word or term will have different or new meanings in the future.  Or if a company or tv show will pop up at some point using the same name.

Fashion Star is going to be a new tv reality show for NBC.  The domain FashionStar.com was registered back in 2001 and is currently owned by a person in Korea.  The domain is on a Sedo landing page.  You'd have to think the traffic to this domain is going to increase once this new show debuts.  Fashion Star is a good brandable term, and it also looks like there is an online game called Fashion Star.  Will NBC want to acquire this domain name?

The new show will involve Jessica Simpson in a mentor role, and Elle McPherson as host.

The network said Monday that Simpson will help guide contestants in the series "Fashion Star" as they compete for a multimillion-dollar contract to launch their own brand.

Elle McPherson will host the show, which NBC promises to be a "true spectacle" taped in front of a studio audience and featuring music, dancers and models along with weekly challenges for the contestants.

"NBC is delighted to work with singer, designer, actress and pop culture icon Jessica Simpson," said Paul Telegdy, NBC and Universal Media Studios executive vice president. "With an almost billion-dollar lifestyle brand under her belt she is sure to be an excellent mentor to our up-and-coming designers."

Producers of "Fashion Star" include former NBC executive Ben Silverman, and Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz of Magical Elves, original producers of "Project Runway."



  1. This is a great example of why domainers' obsessive focus on the age of a domain name is nonsense.

    Does anyone really think that it matters to NBC whether this domain name was registered in 2001 - or June 2011? They couldn't give a damn about that; they only care because this name precisely matches the name of their new show.

    I've owned a large portfolio of domain names since 1997, and most of the ones with the greatest monetary value (now) were only recently hand-registered.

    When a trend emerges or change in the marketplace occurs, it can indeed (dramatically) change the value of domain names; because, after all, asset prices are really based on perceived value, from an end-user's standpoint.

  2. I agree, age of a domain name can be just one factor in a buying decision, like traffic or keyword suitability. If the buyer needs the exact words, that's what counts. I wonder what domain the show will be using, if it takes off it would be very good for the .com. You'd think NBC should have tried to buy the domain before releasing info on the show. Or maybe they'll use fashionstar.nbc.com, or nbc.com/fashionstar

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