Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The $4 Billion Groupon man


As Groupon prepares their IPO, they've released information on their largest shareholder, 41 year old Eric Lefkofsky, who owns a whopping 21% of Groupon shares.  This is 3 times as much as Andrew Mason, the CEO and brains behind the outfit.

Lefkofsky's initial investment in Groupon was a cool $1 million back in 2008.  At the current IPO price range, this investment could end up being worth in the $4 billion range now.

This isn't Lefkofsky's first investment or company either, he has been involved in a number of tech companies through the years and still has investments in other start ups.  He met Andrew Mason when Mason worked for one of his other companies.

To read more about Eric Lefkofsky, click the link below.



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