Friday, July 1, 2011

Dropped .CA domain sells for $18,100 Cdn

.ca domains drop once a week, every Wednesday, and a number of .ca registrars compete for these names on behalf of their clients.  The process is called TBR (to be released domains).  If a registrar gets a domain that many people requested, they sometimes auction it.  Final auction prices usually range from $60 to hundreds, or even a few thousand dollars.  It is unusual for a TBR auction to go beyond $10,000 from my experience.

This past week, it was reported at that one of these dropped domains fetched a price of $18,100 Cdn in a post-TBR auction at Sibername.  I cannot actually confirm that the sale will go through, but that was the winning bid after two bidders competed for the domain.  At this point there is no reason to believe that the sale won't go through, but I will update if it doesn't.

Oh, and the domain?

You have to wonder what were the circumstances of someone dropping this domain, and if they see what it sold for they'd have to be kicking themselves!


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