Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Did Microsoft buy 160.ca?


Did Microsoft buy 160.ca in the past week?

Sedo's country code domain sales show that 160.ca sold for $3,500.

The domain now points to Microsoft's iis.net website.  Cira Whois shows that the last update to the domain was July 14, and it's at Godaddy.  No owner listed.  The hostnames are with Softlayer.com

Looking at the iis.net site, I don't see any significance in the number 160.  The price paid for 160.ca is a very good one for a regular three number .ca that doesn't seem to be anything special (like 247 or 360 would be).  Perhaps Microsoft is rolling out a product to do with 160, but they don't own the .com or .net.  Or, whoever bought the name is just pointing it to an MSN site for some reason.

The other interesting thing is that this week there are close to 100 NNN.ca dropping in tomorrow's TBR.  Domains such as 131.ca, 140.ca, 260.ca, 650.ca, 825.ca, and so on will become available.  These would all normally get snapped up anyway, the sale of 160.ca might encourage a few more bids.

I don't think the sale of 160.ca is a sign that all NNN.ca are that valuable, but it's always nice to see a good .ca sale like this.

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