Monday, January 3, 2011 sale nice way to end 2010

Last week I did a blog post here, just before Ron Jackson's sales report came out.  If I had held off a little bit, I would have mentioned the following sale in my post. - $75,600 US

This domain was the #2 sale on the overall board last week, and #1 for country codes.

As well as being a nice way to finish off 2010 and start 2011 for the .ca extension, this sale also puts a cap on the 'Group Coupon sites' type mania that flourished last year.  Group buying sites seemed to be popping up everywhere, and related domain names were selling well in the aftermarket. would be a great and memorable domain to market online coupons with in Canada. was sold at  Another recent coupon domain that sold was for $3000 back on Nov 12.  I don't think either domain is being used yet for a coupon type site.

Blogs a Good way to Go

The more I use Blogger and look around for options to develop domains, the more I am seeing that blogs are a great way to go, especially for subjects that interest you.  I would like to learn WordPress but just haven't had the time.  However, Blogger seems to do a lot of the same things, and you can start multiple blogs from your dashboard.  They have a lot of advantages:

- You can update the site/blog regularly
- You can post news or comment on other news with your own perspective
- You can post photos/videos
- You can add links, ads, affiliate banners and so on easily
- Blogger keeps it all organized for you

There are lots of options out there, but starting a blog is looking like a better one to me all the time for those reasons.

The latest blog I started is - this is a domain I thought I'd never be able to own, yet it dropped about a month ago and I won it for a reasonable price at MyID without going to auction.  I think the multiple cancelled TBR's and large list of domains people were chasing might have helped me get this name.

In terms of two word terms that start with virtual, Virtual World has to be one of the top phrases that would come to most people right away.

I already own a number of other domains that start with 'Virtual' because after all it's turning into a virtual world.  Right now I plan to use this new blog to comment on anything and everything in the Virtual Realm, such as social media and gaming.  We'll see how it goes!

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