Friday, January 28, 2011

More .CA domain name sales

The first month of 2011 has started off with some fine .ca domain sales. 

These sales are reported in every week in the country codes section.

this past week saw the sales of:  -  $6,720  (right now being used for Kamloops Computer Centre website)  -  $2,137  -  $1,000

and in the weeks before the following domain sales were reported:  -  $6,888  -  $6,565  -  $2,000  (already goes to a developped site)  -  $19,000  (so far looks like a simple type of blog)

These sales together represent over $44,000 in total.  Compared to the last few months of 2010 these numbers are great.  Most of these domains are still parked, possibly until they are ready to develop into websites.

I think sales may be picking up for a few reasons (most of which I've mentioned in previous posts).  Although only 10% of the US population, Canada is internet savvy and has high online penetration.  We are right beside the US and have many of the same interests - therefore it's worth it for US companies to expand their market into Canada - kind of like adding another state the size of California.  The .ca domain extension has high recognition in Canada, and is probably equal or close to the .com extension.  And I also think spending a one-time few hundred or thousand dollars for a descriptive business domain name is a good investment for any company that operates here.

As I was typing this post and looking at a few other pages I have open, I see that a poster at has commented that is reported to be sold at Sedo for $28,000.  I just checked the recent market activity section on Sedo and yes, this sale is posted there.

Now the year is off to a really good start!


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  1. Hi Robert, I'm liking your Canadian Domain Name blog! I am a part time domainer out in Vancouver BC myself and am always keeping an eye on .ca domains. I found you from One addition to your site which would be nice, is if you could have an RSS feed. That way I could put your feed directly into my iGoogle. Other than that, keep up the good work.


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