Wednesday, December 29, 2010 has a Twitter feel to it

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I decided to revisit Frank Schilling's site.  I've seen the site before and the note form on some of his other sites, and even filled it in a few times.  Today I noticed that on the right hand side of you can see people's comments, but also the domain name that each note came from.  It's interesting to watch some of the notes scroll by and see how the comments relate to the keywords in the domain it came from.

Some examples:

"Does anyone know when Japan became a country?"  -

"Does anyone have a yorkie?  Are they good?"  -

"Can I use my SEP and Keough to pay off my homes first and second mortgage(s)?My homes value is under water and it hard to keep up in these rough times,please advise"  - (typo)

"hi kelly im sandy and i love your note about wolves.<3<3<3"  -

There are also some funny and silly comments left, but that's what you can expect when you give some people a blank platform to list their comments.

By looking at the notes for a while what can you conclude?  One thing is that many of these people are visiting the domains and have questions or comments about the keyword subject.  Another thing is that you get the feeling you are getting some real-time comments from people who are out there in the world, looking for something online.  It is also the same feeling you get when looking at Twitter tweets.  Real time information coming from people all over.  That is one of the great advantages of Twitter, you can get real-time feedback on all kinds of subjects, and see which ones are hot (trending) at the moment. 

There is also an Ask Jeeves or feel to the page, because many people are asking questions.  As far as I know they are not getting any answers yet, but maybe that is a feature to come.

So where will this all take

I don't think anyone knows yet, not even Frank, and it even says that on the site.  But as we've seen from Twitter there is some value in getting real-time feedback from a large amount of people.  Maybe I'd want a widget from to put on my websites so people can join the network.  Maybe I'd want a widget that shows me whenever someone leaves a note about a subject like "U2" or "New York" or "Christmas".  Could somehow become a blend between Twitter and, with some other kind of twist?

It will be interesting to see how this experiment develops, but it surely looks like it is turning into something.

Make Millions!

Also today, I read a post about Mike Mann at

There is a nice interview there with Mike Mann.  He is the person who started and now runs  He has built great portfolios of domain names, among the many other ventures he is involved with.  Mike Mann seems to be one of those guys who does everything.  The interview noted that Mike Mann has a book out called "Make Millions & Make Change!". 

Whenever you get the chance to read a book by someone who has accomplished a lot, you should always take advantage of that.  The book has a website at where you can order it from Amazon, read it online or download a pdf or audio version.  I am definitely going to get my hands on a copy, I'm sure there are a few things in there that can help me!  Thank you to Mike, and to Sully for the blog post!

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