Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dec 8 .ca TBR domain drop

Well it looks like we are finally back to normal in the wild and wacky world of .ca domain drops. 

Yesterday was the first TBR since the 32,000+ name drop of Dec 1 that finally completed.  This time everything went smoothly so I hope it will continue to be the same in the coming weeks.

This week's drop had just over 2,000 names in it, and about 257 of those domains were grabbed in the drop.

Some of the bettter names (or names I just like) that I saw on the list of dropped domains include: - (good name to brand a product with, like a room spray or deodorant) - (think of the future) - (my brother's initials) - (potential holiday business) - (thanks to all those moms who take their kids to hockey!) - (nice search term) - (virtual greeting card in french)

Did you get anything good in this week's TBR?  I only got one name,


  1. so in a dual language country like Canada u end up having two of every keyword domain, i'd be interested to know how search volumes for each language vary.

  2. I tried to pick up a domain name and bid didn't go through. The Sibername site stopped working for me when I tried to place a bid in the last minute.

    It was a name I wanted for development.

  3. The same thing happened with me at Sibername, but I emailed them and they fixed the problem minutes before their cutoff. I was able to log in and bid just in time, and they got the one name I wanted. I'll say it again, Sibername does very well for me in TBRs!

  4. Fun times in .ca
    I wanted but didn't get it.
    I apparently picked up
    collingwoodgolf and pontoonboat
    I ski in collingwood and couldn't help noticing the golf name. As for pontoonboat, everyone should have one. :)


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