Thursday, December 5, 2013 Hits High in December 4 .CA TBR Domain Results

This week's TBR .ca domain drop on December 4 featured a total of 138 .ca domains that were grabbed.  This was right in line with most recent TBR's.  There were no great domains available in my opinion, but there were some one word names, and some keywords with meaning.

In this week's sales report there was one .ca domain sale noted.  Last week included the US Thanksgiving holiday, so sales activity appeared to be a bit tempered compared to a normal week.  The top overall domain sale was only $29,000 - whereas the top overall sale is usually in the upper five figures, or higher.  The single .ca entry was: - $1,500 - Sold at Sedo

A quick search of 'naspers' reveals that Naspers is the name of a South Africa-based multinational media company with principal operations in electronic media.  Another check on DomainTools shows that the new contact information for the domain is to someone located in South Africa with a connection to, a news site that is connected to Naspers.   I think it's safe to say they were the buyer of this domain, though it doesn't yet resolve to a website.

On another note, I was once again pleased with how long holds .ca domains after the expiry date. One of my .ca domains slipped through their 40 day grace period (after the expiry date), yet they still didn't delete it and I was able to recover it.  Most registrars only allow 30 days after expiry before it goes into the TBR pool.  To me, this is one of Sibername's best features.

The full list of TBR domains that were caught on Dec 4, 2013, is below.  Thanks to Sibername for providing the results.  I've bolded some of the names on the list that caught my eye, usually for being an interesting keyword or having some obvious value to me.

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Last TBR run results

Date RegisteredDomain NameRegistrar
12013/12/04 14:00:00.000598directsellers.ca7011725 Canada Inc.
22013/12/04 14:00:00.002271adhere.caBehrendt Professional Corporation
32013/12/04 (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a
42013/12/04 14:00:00.005478exportsource.ca8433771 Canada Inc.
52013/12/04 (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a
62013/12/04 (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a
72013/12/04 14:00:00.008287ibiza.ca8433836 Canada Inc.
82013/12/04 (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)
92013/12/04 inc
102013/12/04 14:00:00.012136canadianactionparty.ca7809662 Canada Inc.
112013/12/04 14:00:00.013792onlinemba.ca7809638 Canada Inc.
122013/12/04 14:00:00.014512access2.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
132013/12/04 14:00:00.014677donnakaran.ca7809646 Canada Inc.
142013/12/04 (1716640 Ontario Inc.)
152013/12/04 14:00:00.017175eprof.caegate DOMAINS Inc.
162013/12/04 14:00:00.018707bankit.caAloak Domains Inc.
172013/12/04 14:00:00.020598porches.caFresh Grape Solutions Inc.
182013/12/04 14:00:00.021330soundwaves.caNames To Go Inc.
192013/12/04 14:00:00.022506birchbox.caBudget Names Inc.
202013/12/04 14:00:00.036554mulligans.caNames For Less Inc.
212013/12/04 14:00:00.653049sanofibiotalentchallenge.ca7695799 Canada Inc.
222013/12/04 Inc.
232013/12/04 14:00:04.821323familygetaway.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
242013/12/04 (1770821 Ontario Corp. o/a
252013/12/04 (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a
262013/12/04 (1686780 Ontario Ltd.)
272013/12/04 14:00:05.027999comparecars.ca7809646 Canada Inc.
282013/12/04 inc
292013/12/04 14:00:05.033490ryw.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
302013/12/04 (1716639 Ontario Inc.)
312013/12/04 14:00:05.321136earlytheatre.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
322013/12/04 (1686779 Ontario Ltd.)
332013/12/04 14:00:05.378072canadianfacts.ca7011725 Canada Inc.
342013/12/04 14:00:05.412850hurl.ca8433771 Canada Inc.
352013/12/04 14:00:05.432389eej.ca8433801 Canada Inc.
362013/12/04 14:00:05.475996iwatches.ca8433836 Canada Inc.
372013/12/04 14:00:05.488600lawyerservices.ca7809654 Canada Inc.
382013/12/04 14:00:05.522622nudistdating.ca7809620 Canada Inc.
392013/12/04 14:00:05.574915edmontonmassagetherapy.ca7809638 Canada Inc.
402013/12/04 (1716641 Ontario Inc.)
412013/12/04 INC.
422013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
432013/12/04 14:00:05.783901shipyardraid.ca8433763 Canada Inc.
442013/12/04 14:00:05.790252checkusout.ca7687664 Canada Inc.
452013/12/04 14:00:05.794480carpetcleaningmontreal.ca7705310 Canada Inc.
462013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
472013/12/04 14:00:05.9403482pac.ca7695799 Canada Inc.
482013/12/04 14:00:05.940838miscellaneous.ca7687583 Canada Inc.
492013/12/04 14:00:05.941191saz.caCreative Pixels Inc.
502013/12/04 14:00:05.960845londondivorcelawyers.ca7809689 Canada Inc.
512013/12/04 14:00:09.869171steelhomes.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
522013/12/04 (1770820 Ontario Corp. o/a
532013/12/04 (1770819 Ontario Corp. o/a
542013/12/04 14:00:10.069668dumpit.caKoallo Inc
552013/12/04 14:00:10.339889drcowles.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
562013/12/04 (Bulent Turkoglu o/a
572013/12/04 (1686778 Ontario Ltd.)
582013/12/04 14:00:10.792203heycanadians.ca7809620 Canada Inc.
592013/12/04 14:00:11.036584pianolessonsonline.ca8433763 Canada Inc.
602013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
612013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
622013/12/04 14:00:15.013539collegepoker.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
632013/12/04 14:00:15.020627relaxationmassage.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
642013/12/04 (Tom Brown)
652013/12/04 inc
662013/12/04 14:00:15.251186tmsa.ca7695829 Canada Inc.
672013/12/04 14:00:15.254829mechanicalengineer.ca7010842 Canada Corporation
682013/12/04 14:00:15.258771superchips.ca7705395 Canada Inc.
692013/12/04 14:00:15.358499exposedaggregate.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
702013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
712013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
722013/12/04 14:00:20.039914lawyerfirms.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
732013/12/04 14:00:20.047153flyerzone.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
742013/12/04 14:00:20.107705mindsense.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
752013/12/04 inc
762013/12/04 14:00:20.376876604homes.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
772013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
782013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
792013/12/04 14:00:25.086976talkingresume.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
802013/12/04 (Tom Brown)
812013/12/04 inc
822013/12/04 14:00:25.143629laurenlanedecor.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
832013/12/04 14:00:25.398353hilldale.ca0756870 B.C. LTD.
842013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
852013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
862013/12/04 14:00:30.126836mysocial.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
872013/12/04 (Tom Brown)
882013/12/04 inc
892013/12/04 14:00:30.176167pacificgallery.ca0756868 B.C. LTD.
902013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
912013/12/04 14:00:35.087422poq.ca0756822 B.C. LTD.
922013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
932013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
942013/12/04 14:00:45.226568greyowl.caCA Registry (Ed Hew)
952013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
962013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
972013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
982013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
992013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1002013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1012013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1022013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1032013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1042013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1052013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1062013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1072013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1082013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1092013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1102013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1112013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1122013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1132013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1142013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1152013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1162013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1172013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1182013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1192013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1202013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1212013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1222013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1232013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1242013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1252013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1262013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1272013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1282013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1292013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1302013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1312013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1322013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1332013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1342013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1352013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1362013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)
1372013/12/04 (David A McFadden)
1382013/12/04 (Burmac Business Systems Ltd)

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