Monday, December 2, 2013

New Social Media site with a Celebrity Twist -

I like to follow the stocks of junior companies, usually mining and resources, however sometimes something different comes along.

A company that was recently brought to my attention is called LX Ventures (LXV.V).  They are based in Vancouver and their website is at  In short, they are an incubator for tech start ups, acquiring companies and helping them get to the next level.  Usually these types of companies are private, but in this case LX Ventures trades on the TSX Venture exchange, and also recently started trading in the OTC market in the US.  To be sure, investing in companies on these smaller exchanges can be a bumpy ride, but they do sometimes produce winners.

One of the good things about LX Ventures is that it is run by people who have actually created and sold tech start ups before.  They also have some interesting, seasoned advisors:

One of their most advanced companies is called  How does it work?  It is a social media site where fans can follow celebrities, but the twist on it (compared to Twitter or Facebook) is that celebrities get a % of the ad revenues generated from their fans.  They can take the earnings or pass it along to a charity.  When a celebrity posts a picture, video, or anything else, a visitor to the site will have to watch a short ad first to see it.  Not every time, but sometimes.  This is similar to how YouTube sometimes makes you watch a video ad before you see the content you want.  The celebrities leverage their Twitter and Facebook accounts to drive traffic to their Mobio pages, where fans can interact with them.

I think their model is workable, the only thing is they have to sign up enough celebrities to make it work.  So far they have signed Lucy Hale, Bella Thorne, Paul Wesley, Slash (from Guns n Roses), Scott Disick, Pamela Anderson (of Baywatch fame), Jessica Gomes (model), Romeo Miller, and Brody Jenner.  Together these celebs have millions of Twitter and Facebook followers, and there is more to come.  If Mobio can scale fast and get enough celebs and fans, I think it has a chance for success.  I don't think it will be the next Twitter or Facebook, but even a site like Snapchat with no revenues is commanding billion dollar offers.  Mobio has built monetization into their site from day one.  Right now the market cap for LX Ventures is well below $100 million, and they do have other functioning startups, including which is in the cloud space.

Aside from being worth a look as an investment, if you're a fan of any celebrity or sports star, you may soon be able to interact with them on Mobio.

LX Ventures has had a wild ride in the last few weeks, running from below 20 cents to almost a dollar, and today back down to the 60 cent range.  I think their Mobio INsider company has a good chance of success if it gets supported by enough celebrities.  I can see fans returning again and again to the site to ask questions and see responses (and in turn view the ads).  Already in the first week of operation, it appears to me that the model is working, as many fans are already posting comments and questions. And yes, their site is mobile friendly for viewing and ads!

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