Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Premium .CA Domain Auction Starts at SnapNames Today

It has been a few months since there's been a pure .ca domain auction (see my post here), but the latest one started today at SnapNames.  The auction will run for three weeks (21 days) and ends on March 27th.

There are many premium domains in this auction, and the names come from the portfolios of and one other seller.

Some of the top names available include:

I checked out the auction page and there are no bidders yet, but then again the auction is only a few hours old.  Usually the heavy bidding occurs on the last day of any domain auction, just before it closes.  These types of auctions are a bit of a test for the .ca market, and from what I remember a few names did sell at the last SnapNames .ca auction, back in October 2012.

To check out the full current .ca auction page at SnapNames, go to:



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