Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Apps Domains are Hot in 2013


A few days ago a post came out at TheDomains.com about five number .com's (NNNNN.com) getting hot.  I remember a few years ago there was a flurry of posts at DNForum.com about the fact that almost all NNNNN.com were getting registered.  More and more were getting taken every day, and they did eventually sell out, though they still commonly show up on drop lists.  I own some NNNNN.com myself, but have never had an offer on one.  They do get light traffic though, and I think they make sense as an investment because numbers are universal, and NN.com, NNN.com and NNNN.com are getting harder to come by and too pricey for some.  You might have to hold a while, and be careful in the numbers you choose, but over time the demand should grow.

I don't have a large enough portfolio to notice every trend that comes along, but I do have a number of 'Apps' domains.  When I look back over the first couple months of 2013, and starting in 2012, I do notice that many of the domains I've had interest in or offers on, are Apps domains.

Almost everyone who has a smartphone or tablet uses apps these days.  There are almost an unlimited number of apps to choose from at the App Store or Google Play.  When you figure that smartphone and tablet use is projected to have huge growth, the number and use of apps will most certainly increase in the same manner, and across all cultures and languages.

Apps on mobile devices are a relatively new product category, and every single app has its own name.  Many app operators like to have a domain name that goes directly to their app download.  Websites have sprung up that deal with categories of apps, like game apps or free apps, and these sites need a domain too.

The inquiries I've had for some of my apps domains have come from different countries, including the USA, Canada, France, Germany, India, Brazil and Spain.  Some examples of Apps domains I've had interest in, from one or more parties, include ones like:

AplicativosGratis.com  ('free applications' in Portuguese)




AppsGratis.es  ('free apps' in Spanish)


One example of a sale I had a couple years ago involved a group of french .com's that basically meant 'free app' or 'free apps' in french.  The sale was in the $x,xxx amount.

What about you?  If you have apps domains, have you been getting more interest in them over the past year?  Feel free to post your apps domains in the comments.

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