Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keek.com - New Video Social Network (made in Canada)


Here is yet another video social network I'm reporting on, though this one seems to be growing faster and gaining more traction than Pheed.com and Tout.com, two others I've previously reported on.  There are going to be many video social networks competing for eyeballs, and probably one of them will become like a Facebook or Twitter given how easy it is to shoot video with mobile devices.  The question right now is which one?

Keek.com is the latest social video network I've heard about, and it looks promising based on it's growth stats and funding.  Another advantage they have is a mobile app both on Android and iPhone.  People love sharing text and photos on Twitter and Instagram, the next frontier is video as smartphone and tablet use continue to grow.  In time video sharing will become as common as tweeting.

I downloaded the Keek app onto my iphone yesterday, and so far have found it to be the most user friendly video network app that I've tried.  Being able to easily organize and navigate within a social network is critical if you want people to use it, and I think Keek has this quality so far.  I remember when Twitter started it took a while to take off, but when it did the user growth spiked fast.  Keek might be heading into this same phase if you look at the stats below.

About Keek
Keek is a privately held social networking platform that allows users to create 36-second videos ("keeks") using webcam, iPhone or Android devices and share them with others around the world. Users follow, subscribe and respond to videos with either text comments or video replies ("keekbacks"). Keek is simple to use, extremely fast and 100% free. Keek is a leading app in more than 100 countries and has millions of highly engaged active users. The app is available at the App Store and Google Play. http://www.keek.com/.  Keek is based in Toronto, Canada.

Some recent news on Keek:

- announced that it has closed $18 million in new funding bringing the total investment to date to $30 million . AGF Investments Inc.,  Pinetree Capital Ltd (PNP.TO) and Plazacorp Ventures led this current round with Cranson Capital also participating.  The new funding will help Keek accelerate new feature releases, develop support for more platforms and expand infrastructure to meet surging international demand.
- Building on a strong presence in the US, UK and Australia , Keek is experiencing explosive growth in Europe , the Middle East and South America with 200,000 new users joining daily.  The Keek app recently ranked first overall in five countries, top 10 overall in 15 countries and top 100 overall in more than 70 countries around the world.

What are the user stats?
  • 1 billion monthly pageviews
  • 75 million monthly visits
  • 15 million monthly unique visitors
  • 4 million monthly user-generated videos
  • 30 million monthly "follows" and "subscribes"
  • 8 million monthly comments and "likes"
Some celebrity users include  Kim Kardashian , Kendall Jenner , Adam Lambert , Kylie Jenner , 2 Chainz, Khloe Kardashian and Victoria Justice.

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