Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun Video on How French IDN .ca's Work!

They are here!  A number of blogs have already reported on how french IDN characters/letters are now available to register in .CA.  I have a few I plan to create myself (part of the 'bundle' in names I already own), but haven't done so yet.

Along with this news from CIRA, they created a video in which Larry Lumiere shows how it works as he goes about registering his first IDN .ca.  One key part they explain is the 'administrative bundle' aspect of this process.  You can watch the video below.

I think french IDN .ca's will get good usage, and I don't think it will be long until we start seeing them in ads, on TV, on products, and so on.  Smartphones and tablets are increasing in use, and they make it very easy to type in french letters with accents.

My plan is to create a few and test them for traffic, and build separate webpages for them.  For each IDN, you have the possibility to create one site for the non-IDN domain (which I've been doing up to now), and another for the IDN version.  Although you can create many variants with all the accent possibilities, I think only the non-IDN and the correct IDN versions will be of any use to anyone.  Other variants just don't make sense.

If you want to read about French IDN .CA's at CIRA, here is the link to their page.

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