Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Favorite Affiliate Program

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With all the talk about PPC decline and looking for other income streams from domains, I thought I would point out one of my favorite affiliate programs.  You can see a banner for it at the top of this page, above this post, and my affiliate link is here:

The program is called SFI.  It features on online store where the company offers it's own products, and affiliates can list their own items or services for sale.  It also features Pricebenders auctions, which are similar to penny auctions.  Anyone in the world can join the affiliate program, and there are many ways to earn.  You can also refer others to the affiliate program, and you'll earn a percentage of what they do.

SFI is part affiliate program and part network marketing.  It is a good general program to offer on a page, because out of everyone who visits your webpage, there are always some who are interested in making more money.  People can join free, log in to the members area, and find all the resources and training on how to get started.  And you don't need to buy anything yourself, you can earn income just selling products and referring people to the site.

What I like about this affiliate program:

- you can join for free
- people from all over the world can join, good for international traffic
- diversity of products, sell your own products
- lots of links, banners, and marketing tools available
- great reports so you can see how you're doing
- Better Business Bureau accredited
- in business for over 10 years
- earn income from your efforts, and the efforts of those you refer, forever (kind of like a type in traffic domain)

I am doing well enough in SFI so that it doesn't matter if you join or not, but I thought I would point out a program that works for me.  If you have work at home traffic, or traffic interested in making money online, this is an affiliate program that you should be incorporating into your marketing.


  1. Sounds interesting, can you share a site this is running on for you as an example?

  2. I usually add a text link or banner on almost all my webpages, to capture that percentage of visitors looking for ways to earn more income. Examples of pages I have SFI banners on are and


Thank you!