Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Hell of an Auction

I noticed Rick Latona's post today about the upcoming Vancouver TRAFFIC show, and didn't realize it was coming up so soon (June 8-10). I'm sure it will be a great show, because Vancouver is a hotbed of domaining and has produced some of the best known domainers in the world.

I decided to see if I could submit some domains for the auction, and opened an account at the site. After submitting my names, I checked out what auctions are going on now. The TRAFFIC Milan extended auction is now running, and one name in particular caught my eye - doesn't have any bids yet, and the minimum bid is 487,500 Eur. The reason it caught my eye is because it is possibly one of the domains that well-known domainer Kevin Ham might want to own. He has said in the past that there is a small number of domains he just had to own, and he has acquired some of them. Most of the domains are very strong religious keywords, like might be one of the others he doesn't have, so it will be interesting to see if any bids come in. There are just over 6 days left in the auction.


As for .ca news, I haven't blogged in over a month now due to work demands, and the fact that there hasn't been any significant developments or sales in the .ca space. Hopefully that will change soon! There is a two week sales report coming from DNJournal today.


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