Monday, January 25, 2010

.DE hyphen sales, .EU IDN sales

If you review the weekly sales reports from, you've probably noticed a general trend in country code sales lately in that there are quite a few .de (Germany) domains selling with hyphens in them, and also many .eu (Europe) IDN sales.

A few recent examples of these sales from are: - $162,150 - $1,588 - $1,378 - $1,160

Diä - $4,301

Rechtsanwä - $4,100

bö - $3,032

wä - $1,413

I'm not sure when I noticed this trend, but it's hard to ignore if you follow country code domain sales.

Domains with hyphens aren't normally desirable for even the .com extension, so to see repeated country code domains sell for good prices stands out to me. The only thing I can tell is that the .de extension is a hot seller for country codes, so maybe that has spilled over to hyphen versions too. As a side note, I do own some hyphen domains and think they can work well if the keywords are strong.

As for the IDN .eu sales, you don't often see any IDN sales in the DNJournal report (though they've been picking up a bit lately). Now all of a sudden you see IDN .eu sales popping up every week.

If anyone can add to the discussion of these sales please go ahead!

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  1. The reason you see IDN .eu on DNJ lately is because of the Sedo auction following the landrush of December last year.
    Sedo's registrar 'partners' managed to secure a bunch of them, and anyone pre-ordering them through Sedo agreed that they would go to auction.

    IDNs in genereal have been picking up in recent months especially since the ICANN IDN cctld approval in November last year.


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