Friday, February 5, 2010

MyID .ca Domain Marketplace opening

Just received an email update today from the team at MyID about their .ca domain name Marketplace. They are starting to take submissions and go live on or around February 15.

I had also hoped to post some .ca sales from DNJournal's sales report that came out yesterday, but unfortunately there were no .ca sales reported! Country code domain sales still remain strong however, and I'm sure we'll see some action in the .ca market in 2010 - hopefully with sales, development of .ca domains, and more opportunities for .ca domainers.

MyID had some good success running .ca auctions in the past, in particular 2008 was a good year for auctions. The downturn in the economy in 2009 slowed things down, but now it looks like they are ready to take the .ca market to another level.

Below is the email I received on the MyID .ca Marketplace:


We are pleased to announce that Domain Market Place is now open for seller submissions. We expect to take it live around Feb 15.

If you would like to list any of your domains for sale, please do so ASAP. Lots of buzz will take place in the days leading to the release and it may be to your benefit to have your domains listed during the launch.

The Market Place is the first marketplace exclusive to .ca domains and it is a very comprehensive place to buy and sell .ca domains all with the same ironclad security and fraud free environment that marked all our prior auctions. Today we have a 100% success rate in gettting every domain seller their earnt funds and every domain buyer their purchased domains.

Here are some highlights of what you can expect:

1) Bulk submission ability either via form or text file
2) Payment for all your sold domains within 48 hours of whois changing info.
3) Email notification to buyers for any domains that match their criteria
4) No credit cards or agreements to fax. All is streamlined and completed online.
5) Frequent Seller Rates Discount with commissions starting at 12% and reaching as low as 4%
6) Comprehensive and sophisticated accounting system that allows you to keep track of all your invoices, earnings, and Frequent Seller Rate Discount.
7) Advanced and generous affiliate system that is expected to send lots of qualified buyers to the marketplace.
8) Our ironclad security and fraud protection measures.

And in a few weeks the system will:

9) Make domains available for lease with recurrent credit card payments
10) Accept a group of domains to be sold in one transaction.
11) Accept payment installments.
12) Send domains that receive multiple offers to auctions

We are very excited about this system and believe it will help with our dedication to increase the exposure and value of .ca domains.

Adding domains to MyID Domain Marketplace is simple and consists of the following steps

a) Get authenticated
b) Accept the seller agreement
c) Choose a membership plan

Should you have any question, ideas, or feedback, please do not hesitate to send them our way. As always, we listen and act on what you suggest and feel will improve this domain market.

Thank you again for your support with our auctions and we look forward to serve you more with the Dot Ca Domain Marketplace.


Gus, Danny, and the MyID Team


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