Saturday, January 9, 2010

.CA sales activity of past week

Last week saw one .ca domain sale reported at DN Journal, and a very active TBR .ca domain drop.

The one sale reported at was: - $1,000

The Wednesday TBR drop featured more good quality .ca domains than usual, and some of these went to auctions at the various drop catchers.

Some of the auction results were posted in I haven't verified these results myself, but I have no reason to believe they aren't correct.

TBR auction sales reported this past week were: - $3550 - $2750 - $2250 - $960 - $551 - $310 - $280 - $3061 - $3650 - $1030 - $1500 - $75

Some other nice .ca domains that dropped in the last week were:

It will be interesting to see if next week's TBR has domains that are this good, but this was likely just an irregularity in the world of TBR drops.


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