Wednesday, December 9, 2009 sells at Sedo - It has taken a long while, but finally a .ca domain has shown up on the DNJournal weekly sales report. And it is a bit of a surprising sale. - €3,750 = $5,513 US

I did a search for 'waala' on Google and nothing really sticks out as to why this word might have value. There were 526,000 results. There are a few businesses with waala in the name, and it's also a family last name. The site is an art site in beta.

The domain is still parked on a Sedo page, so no help there. was the 16th highest country code sale last week in a chart dominated by European cctlds like .de, and .fr.

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  1. I always wonder when domains like this or other obscure names in any extension get big $$ are people just using domains names to launder money?? Maybe; maybe not. ?

    It's probably related to the art site as the .net and .org resolve to the .com. is still available. :)


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