Wednesday, December 23, 2009

.CA domainer in Godaddy News - If you get Godaddy's Aftermarket email newsletter, you would have noticed Canadian domainer Adam Dicker in the December edition. I couldn't find a link to the newsletter itself, but here is a summary below.

For those who missed it or don't get the newsletter, Adam (who is also the vice president of the Domain Aftermarket at Godaddy, and owner of was the lead story with his photo and a quote "I'm not a couch potato - I'm Domaining".

Adam goes on to talk about how he came to register a .ca domain recently, and the story also provides some good advice on how to get ideas for domains to register:

"I'm not advocating that you spend more time in front of the television, but if you maintain a Domainer's perspective while watching, it's another opportunity to turn a profit. Every piece of media you see has the potential to generate new domain ideas.

I was watching TV and a commercial came on for a skin tag remover by Dr. Scholl's. I had never heard of a skin tag, but went to the Web and found 49.7 million pages indexed in Google for the phrase "skin tags." That convinced me that skin tags had some value, so I registered "skintags .ca."

He then goes on to provide some information on trademark checks:

"Of course, it's always best practice to avoid trademarks or risky names. Use a service like to check the terms before you purchase, and be sure you're not going to enter into a trademark infringement situation. If all is clear, safely register any or all extensions available to you."

As for judging the profitability of a domain and what to look for, Adam ends with this:

"Remember: A domain only needs to make 2 cents a day to be profitable. Don't let days where you only see a 5 or 10 cent return get you down, it's still making a profit at rates you won't ever see from a bank."

I recently saw that skin tag commercial on tv myself, and have to admit it did cross my mind to look up the term. However I must have been busy, and also remember thinking that skin tags must be a small market because I'd never heard of it before, and was it really worth checking into.

For fun, here are some stats on "skin tags":

Google search returns (no quotes): 51,100,000 (lots of relevant ads in sidebar)

Google search returns (with quotes): 284,000

Google Keyword Tool searches (November): 135,000 to 165,000 (with lots of 'long tail' results)

So I think this is obviously a better market than I originally thought. I have to remind myself from time to time that there is a whole world out there, and even if there's a subject you never heard of, or aren't interested in, it could still be a good market.

This domain could quickly be developped into an information site about skin tags, it would rank well for Canadian searches (at least, and possibly US searches too), and it would pull in a variety of relevant ads. I haven't even checked CJ or other places to see if there are related affiliate programs. I would even bet this domain has a 'heart beat' like Frank Schilling likes to say, meaning it has at least some low level of traffic per month to build on.


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