Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More .ca sales to report in last week - Thanks to Ron Jackson at, there are some .ca sales to report from the last week.

The top .ca sale was: - $30,000 Cdn

This domain now points to, so this may have been a case where one owner had the .ca, and the other had the of the same name (and wanted the .ca). I'd like to hear the story behind that sale.

Other .ca sales that showed up in the report were: - $7,140 - $4,608 - $3,360 - $2,880 - $1,430 - $1,430 - $1,000

These are definitely some decent sales, though it's a little surprising to see two domains with numbers in them sell how they did.

And further to my earlier post today, Sibername was able to pick up the lone name I put in for in today's TBR - Thank you Sibername!


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