Wednesday, October 28, 2009 now listed on Sedo - I had an email about a month ago from the owner of saying they were interested in selling this domain. It is the French Quebec spelling for 'blog'. The owner had a site for the domain and was hosting many people's blogs through subdomains, but was having trouble with fake signs up and hacking.

Now the domain is parked and listed on Sedo, and already has 1,461 visitors. I don't think the domain has been there for a full month yet.

There are two good features about this domain:

1) It is a nice french generic word, and blogs will probably be around with us for a while

2) The fact it was an existing site with many members means that the domain currently gets traffic from all the backlinks. It could now be used to offer another blog service, or web-related services.

Additional info found on Sedo:

Domain Popularity
PageRank: 4/10
Alexa Rank: 0

Link Popularity
Incoming Google Links: 102
Incoming Yahoo! Links: 23,846
DMOZ Listed: No

If you are interested in the domain, just visit and you will land on the Sedo page.

Good luck to the seller!

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