Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New .ca TBR site launched - - The .ca market continues to be fairly quiet through the fall. There is the odd sale you hear about in the forums, and the weekly TBR still has lots of activity, but there haven't been any public sales in a while (at least that I've seen).

There is, however, a new site called that will help you catch the .ca domains that drop every week in the TBR.

Some of the information I was able to find on their site includes: is an Ottawa based dropcatching service for dropping .ca domains. Our goal is to help you participate in the dynamic and growing .ca domain market, by acquiring the TBR domains that you want. is brought to you by Behrendt Corporation and Hubbard Media; a partnership bringing together over 21 years of combined domaining experience.

Hubbard Media owns and operates, the UK's premier public dropcatching service.

The minimum cost is CAD $60 (plus GST). The more that you are willing to pay for a dropping domain, the higher the priority that we will give your domain, and the higher the chances we will be able to acquire it.

If two or more people backorder the same domain that we catch, the domain will go to a brief auction.

I usually scan the results list of each week's TBR, and I know I have often seen domains caught by the Behrendt name in the past.

There are many drop catching services out there for .ca domains, and it definitely doesn't hurt to have one more to increase your chances of getting that name you want!

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