Wednesday, April 22, 2009 sells at Sedo - The latest weekly sales report is out at, and there was one .ca domain sale reported in the country codes. - $5,000

I'm not sure of the meaning of 'sema', it looks to be a common acronym for many uses. We'll have to wait and see what kind of site is put up.

What I found interesting in this weeks domain sales report, and reports of recent weeks, is that the average selling price for country code domains is above that of the .net's, .org's, .info's and other global tlds (not including .com).

There were many .de,, .es and .fr sales in the country code section this week. Even though those countries have 2x to 3x the population of Canada, they get many more sales reported than for the .ca extension. It makes me think that the .ca domain market has some catching up to do, which should happen over time. Many of these other country code extensions are also open to anyone, while .ca has some restrictions regarding residence.

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