Thursday, April 2, 2009 listed for sale at DNForum - The domain name has been listed for sale at with an asking price of $111,000.

Offers are also being taken.

The thread for this sale is here:

I don't usually post sales of .ca domain names like this, but this is a highly premium domain and is worth noting that it's being made available. It is one of the best, or the best domain you could use for the Real Estate market in Canada.

If you are interested in this domain please visit the link above and contact the owner directly.

Some of the details from the sales thread:

Let me start by saying I have sold several big 5 figure dot ca domains and never have I owned or sold as powerful a keyword as this, never imagined I ever would. It by far trumps all previous reported sales/names but for 1 or 2 and by all rights should be asking far more when putting them side by side to compare. The dot com is reported to have seen 8 figures, that is $10M+++. The property industry will ALWAYS be with us, the name has it all. Not everyone can afford such a name but those who have or do would ask considerablly more and for much less. The potential here is to see another 6 figures from an end user or reseller.

I will make some things clear.

This is NOT a traffic or revenue sale, do not ask. It does obviously receive both though. This is Keyword all the way!
This is the first time the name has ever been offered you have not seen it elsewhere.
I am taking offers via PM or email ONLY, unless you are posting SOLD@BIN or a nice comment, please do not post.
There is one condition with the sale, that 2 emails are forwarded for 5-6 months.

That is all and I MAY update the high offer in time. Presently there are 3 serious five figure offers from members here.

All the best to those who make offers and enjoy going after what is imo the very BEST dot ca ever offered for such a price and very best dot ca offered on dnforum or any forum for that matter.

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