Monday, February 25, 2008

You can own part of

I just found out about a new site today called, at least it's new to me. Not sure how long it's been around.

I joined and checked around the site, and found it to be very much like a stock exchange, except it has to do with buying shares in domain names.

Three of the domains that were interesting to me were, and

It seems like once a domain is submitted, the owner determines the total number of shares and the entry price per share. For example, has a total of 250,000 shares with 37,500 of these available for public buy-in. Minimum buy-in price is $1.00, but you can bid higher to make sure you get some shares.

At the closing, the 37,500 shares are awarded to the highest bidders. Afterwards, you can buy and sell these shares on the Fusu market. You also get to share in any future revenues or a sale of the domain for whatever percentage you own. It looks like you can buy even in small amounts (e.g.: 10 shares) so you don't need a lot of money to get started.

It looks like this site will give small and big investors a chance to partner with top generic domain owners like Rick Schwartz ( and the Castello brothers (

One thing that isn't clear, or that I couldn't find on the site, was how can a shareholder be sure of what revenues a domain is making, and how would any ppc income be distributed to shareholders?

It's definitely an interesting time to be in domaining, with new ideas and markets continually evolving. From domain leasing, to domain financing, and now a domain stock market!

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