Thursday, February 14, 2008

.CA domains for advertising

Seems like I often see big companies in Canada using slogan type .ca domains for advertising campaigns instead of generic words, or even their own company name.

For example, this morning I saw the domain on a banner on a financial site for a company called Trade Freedom. I guess it's a slogan to make a point of how they are willing to give more as a broker to make you switch to them. The domain goes to a nice flashy site with a video. From a quick look I see that Scotia Bank just acquired Trade Freedom. Also, they were smart enough to own and

My point is, if they are going to use a URL in a campaign, why not or Who knows how long this campaign to do with "shirt off our back" will last. Some slogans have staying power, like "Have it your way" or "Coke is it". But if you're a smaller company than Burger King or Coke, with limited money for advertising, why not concentrate on your main url for visual advertising? is a lot easier to remember than I even typed it in wrong as "shirt off my back" the first time I tried it.

I can even see using a domain like,, or, because they are easy to remember, describe the business, and might even get you type in traffic.

Too many companies seem to use these 'slogan' type domains. I call them 'throw-away' domains, because once the campaign has ended, the domain often becomes useless. These types of domain choices might have a lot to do with traditional advertising firms who do the advertising for these companies, because they often think in terms of a limited length campaign, and ignore generic potential that lasts forever.

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  1. very true. I see your point i once saw a domain advertising a private fine arts college that was wherecreativepeoplecometomeet (.ca) or something along those lines how the heck is anyone going to get to that site.


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