Tuesday, February 5, 2008

.CA domain sales of past week

There was only one .ca domain sale to report in the last week at dnjournal.com, and that was:

VV.ca $10,000

that's two letter V's (not a W). I wrote earlier here about why these types of short domains have value, especially with repeating letters.

Interestingly, the top domain sale of the week was Cruises.co.uk, which went for $1,099,798. Usually a .com domain takes the top spot.

.co.uk is the domain extension for the UK, and it serves as a good example of how valuable a country code domain can be, especially if it targets a lucrative market.


  1. The http://cruises.co.uk domain purchase seems to be a wise investment:

    just type 'cruises' into Google, and cruises.co.uk is in 1st place!

  2. Great site for us .ca lovers! With co.uk commanding those big bucks (euros) possibly .ca will follow suit? With the 2010 games bringing the world to Canada, .ca domains is certainly a super bet for any portfolio.


Thank you!