Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Short .WS Domain Auction at NameJet - Checking in

There were 23 short (2-3 character) .ws domains put to auction on Namejet recently, and the first of these auctions start to close in about a day.  Others on the list are still up to 12 days out from close.

So how is this auction doing?

The highest number of bidders is 51 for the domain

The lowest number of bidders is 14 for the domain

Most of the domains on the list have over 30 bidders listed.

The highest current bid is $502 for

The lowest current bid is $76 for

Some of the other top bids right now are:     $402     $352     $352     $322    $312     $312     $312     $312

Domain auctions usually track the most activity in the closing hours, so we should soon see how much interest there really is in these short domains.

How do you find the short .WS domains auction on NameJet?  Go to the link below, unselect all extensions, highlight the .WS extension, then hit Go.



  1. The numbers aren't that bad,and it appears that NNN is better than LLL for the most part. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Whilst they are charging so much for short domains this extension will remain stagnant in my view, good luck to bidders though


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