Thursday, December 18, 2014

What Other Extensions Were Available to Buyer of (sold for $25,000)?

Often when I look into hand registering a domain, I'm looking for a .com or a .ca.  Depending on the search word or term, I may also be interested in a .net or .org, and these days maybe even a new gtld if I can get a good keyword match to the extension word.  I like to check for names at a registrar that shows what's available in a good number of common extensions, to get an idea of how popular that keyword or search term is.  If the term I'm searching for is taken in a high number of extensions, I know it has some degree of popularity.

On a similar note, sometimes when I see a domain sell for a good amount (normally a .com), I sometimes check to see what other extensions were available to the buyer.  For example, if they paid a six figure amount for a .com, but could have hand registered the same domain in .biz, .info and .org, it gives you a sense of .com's importance, and that some buyers really prefer having the .com.

I've listed some of this weeks top reported domain sales below.  I checked these words/terms against 14 possible extensions to see what is still available to hand register in the exact term (see below for list of 14 extensions I checked).  It's possible that some extensions were registered right after these sales were reported, but this is what's available as of the time of this post.

1) - sold for $180,000. still available to register, other extensions all taken.

2) sold for $80,000. still available to register, other extensions all taken.

3) - sold for $50,000 still available to register, other extentions all taken.

4) - sold for $25,000, .ca, .info, .us, .mobi, .co, .xxx, .eu, .me, .tv still available to register.  (.org, .biz, .name taken).

5) - sold for $14,000, .ca, .us, .name, .co, .me, .tv still available to register.  (.net, .biz, .info, .mobi, .xxx, .eu taken)

I think the last two domains are the most interesting, as buyers were willing to pay five figures for the .com instead of getting a .net, a .org, and a number of other available options.  You'd think the .net and .org might at least get registered for defensive reasons.  In addition, there are dozens of new gtlds that are probably still available in these terms.  Do buyers know about the new gtld options, or are they simply motivated to own their domain of choice in .com?

The list of extensions I checked for the above names included:
.com, .net, .org, .ca, .biz, .info, .us, .mobi, .name, .co, .xxx, .eu, .me, .tv

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