Thursday, April 4, 2013

Global Aerospace Company Purchases .CA Domain in Past Week

There were a couple of .ca domain sales worth noting over the past week.  Both sales were listed in yesterday's weekly sales report.  -  $5,347  sold at  -  $4,500  sold at DomainNameSales / DomainAdvisors

Both domain sales were in the top eight country code sales of the week, with coming in at #4 and at #8.

Both domains are still pointed to landing pages at the sites where they were sold. doesn't show much information about the new registrant in DomainTools, but is showing as owned by Marquez Transtech Ltd, with a technical contact in Santa Clara, California.

After doing a little more hunting, I found the press release here which probably best explains why the domain was purchased:

The first thing I thought when I saw both .ca sales this week were that they both look like family names.  I thought the buyers might be people who just wanted to own they own last name in .ca, but how things first appear in domains isn't always the case!

Congrats to the sellers!

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