Monday, April 1, 2013

.CA Domain Ownership Restrictions to be Lifted, Open to All

In a surprise move this week, CIRA has announced that the .ca domain extension will become unrestricted to all, instead of just allowing Canadian ownership.  Since 2000 when the .ca extension was made available for public registration, it has been restricted to those with a Canadian presence.

"We feel the time has come to open up the .ca space to those individuals and businesses outside Canada who believe they have something to offer Canadians", said Kermit Schaffe, a public relations staffer at CIRA.  "Limiting the ownership of .ca domains to Canadians only has become an antiquated ideal.  Opening up the extension to everyone will foster more competition in Canadian ecommerce, which should benefit the Canadian consumer."

Many .ca domainers applaud this move, as a huge wave of new domain investors are expected to enter the .ca domain market with this announcement.  Other country code extensions such as .es (Spain), .de (Germany), .mx (Mexico) and .co are open to anyone, and have not suffered for it.

As to the timing of the change, Kermit Schaffe added "The restrictions on .ca ownership will be lifted at the same time as the planned change for the Canadian flag colors to become white and blue, and for the Canadian national anthem to be changed to Bob and Doug Mckenzie's famous song, 'Take Off'."  And a Happy April Fool's to everyone.


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