Friday, October 12, 2012

Premium .CA Domain Auction Runs Oct 16 - Nov 1

In what should be a good test of the .ca domain name market, will be running a Premium .CA auction with Moniker : SnapNames that starts Tuesday Oct 16 and runs through Thursday Nov 1, 2012.

The auction features 25 .CA domain names that Emall has released for sale.  The lot includes some one word highly brandable .CA domain names across several key categories.  They believe the names are attractively priced, including names with no reserve and others up to six figures.

I can't see any information on the SnapNames site yet about this auction, but will post it here when I do.  There is supposed to be a link up on Monday with the auction catalog and other info.

The auction will go live next Tuesday on, coinciding with the ICANN Toronto meeting.

I'm interested to see how these names do in auction, it's been a while since we've seen a pure .ca domain auction with names of this calibre.  There are definitely some premiums to be had here.

The Inventory Includes:



  1. Some nice domains in this auction. Did they send you a PR? How did you know about this auction?

  2. I was contacted today by Moniker/Snapnames. Hadn't heard anything about the auction before today. It runs for about two weeks so the word should get out.

  3. It's a shame more real companies aren't utilizing these amazing names for the Canadian market. I'm sure there is lots of natural traffic going to those names that are probably only generating a fraction of their potential if matched with the right enduser.
    Imo Cira should open up registration for .ca to anyone. It's holding the extension back.

  4. Yes, I just did a post about the auction, which is running now.

  5. You can create an account at Snapnames, or if you place a bid it will probably prompt you to sign up for an account.


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