Friday, March 13, 2009

New website for CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) - CIRA is sporting a new web look these days.

If you go to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority website at, you'll notice a fresh new look. The intro page lets you choose English or French, then you go through to see all the content.

I especially like the Why .CA page at:

The new site serves as a good introduction to .ca, and has loads of information for anyone looking to register a .ca domain name. I also think the website looks more modern, while being simple and clean with a better layout of information than before.

If you have any interest in the .ca name space I'd strongly suggest checking out the Cira website to learn more about this country code extension.

Here are some of the benefits of using a .ca domain as listed on the site. Interesting how they compare .ca to .com in one of their points.

Identify yourself as Canadian: Dot-ca is Canada's Internet identity, reserved for Canadians, recognized and trusted worldwide.

Get the name you want: You'll have a short dot-ca name that says you're Canadian, not a long dot-com name that says you're one of almost 70 million organizations that most Canadians view as American!

Reach Canadians where they shop: Over 60% of Canadians prefer dot-ca for online shopping—it's under Canadian law, with no customs or exchange rates.

Keep your identity secure: Dot-ca domain names are kept safe and secure in an independent national registry.

I wonder if the group running .us for the USA is watching this, because many American domainers complain that they don't do enough to promote their country extension.


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