Friday, March 20, 2009 sells at Afternic - The following domain sold in the past week at the Afternic DLS. - $2,300 US

At first look, this is a brandable type of domain that can be used as a slogan. I'm not sure what the buyer will use it for, but it looks like a 'call to action' type of phrase. We'll check back with this domain and see how it ends up being used.

Though it's a fairly common phrase, it sold for a lot more than I would have expected. I'm not sure I would have even hand regged this domain. But value can sometimes be a hard thing to judge, and maybe this domain was an exact fit for someone's plans.

What do you think of this sale?

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  1. This domain name, is a couple of things...

    Not sure if any of you are familiar with Mike Holmes, from the Holmes on Homes Television series?

    He used to say that a lot, as well as the venture that him and brad pitt are working on in New orleans, is also called Make it Right, which was apparently sanctioned by Holmes.

    A quick check of the whois show's at least for now, that The Holmes Group either owns it or bought it

    So as you stated, someone has a use for it, it's something that pretty much Mike Holmes said/says in every one of his shows.

    And up here in Canada, if someone says Make It Right, they usually equate that to Mike Holmes..


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