Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 7 .ca TBR releases great .ca domains - Yesterday's .ca TBR release held more domains than normal, in fact a total of 4,388 domains were released. What stood out in this TBR compared to TBRs of past months was that there was a high number of top quality domains.

Unfortunately, I think most of the good names must have come as a result of someone losing their portfolio, either due to being ineligible to own .ca domains, or somehow missing the renewals.

Also, it seems that Pool had a problem with their TBR service this week and missed out on most of the releases. Anyone who had pre-registered names with them likely missed out on all or most of their domains. A representative from Pool stated in dnforum that the problem is now fixed, but what bad timing to go down on a week like this.

Here is a partial list of some of the names that were released:

... and I could go on but I think that gives a good idea of the quality that was available. Many of these domains have gone to auction and were going for hundreds to thousands of dollars.



  1. What's the point of your post????? It just sounds like you're bragging...

  2. The point is to show the high quality of .ca domains that dropped yesterday.

    I might be bragging if I caught all those domains listed in my post, but I didn't.

  3. News Release: sold for $ 850.00 USD sold last week. Private Sale

  4. Good news for us domainers, bad news for the registrant that lost all those domains. My Registrar had some technical difficulties as well and as such I couldn't get in on some of the great names. I did manage to get Ill hold on to that one for a while and hopefully Suri Cruise grows up to become as much as a media hog socialite as Paris Hilton. Good Post and great blog.

  5. This was the best release i saw in a long while. I would be surprised to see another release like this again anytime soon

  6. Looking to sell...


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