Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 14 TBR releases more good .ca domains - This weeks TBR .ca domain drop was not as good as last week's, but there were still some decent domains worth mentioning. Below I've listed some of the names that caught my eye, in no particular order.

Many of these domains have a website or business idea that comes to mind easily just by looking at them.

Ron Jackson's dnjournal weekly sales report came out yesterday, and there were no .ca's listed in the country codes section. I'm sure there must be some sales happening, they just aren't being reported. It's nice to see when .ca sales are widely reported, because it gives you an idea of where the market is at and for what type of domains. Despite the rough economy there is still demand for good .ca domains, judging by the action in the TBR every week.

As a side note, I should mention that I just learned today that Godaddy is now a registrar of the .in country code domain extension (for India). Anyone who owns .in or domains should be interested, especially if you have many domains at Godaddy and want to consolidate more of your portfolio at one registrar.


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