Monday, January 19, 2015 Success Spawns More Glitter Domain Auctions at Flippa

Strangely enough I just started using Flippa for the first time over a week ago to test the waters with a couple domain names, one of which was a (which seem to be selling better lately).  I remember when you could still hand reg a about 7 years ago.  There were threads at keeping track of how many were left, lists of what was still available, up until the moment they all got taken.  Now many of them seem to sell regularly for low to high $xxx, or better if the numbers are good.

I'll blog about my first Flippa experience soon (which was overall positive), however one of the results of joining Flippa was that late last week I received an email from them about the auction for (that was already heavily trending in internet news outlets).  At the time the auction was at $60,000 with hundreds of bids, as of right now the auction sits at $70,800 with 2 days left.  I'm sure everyone reading this already knows the story of this website and domain (only registered on New Year's Eve 2014!), and the copycats it has spawned.  Some of these copycats are now listed on Flippa, and for fun I thought I'd share some of the similar domains that are now posted for sale (none of which are doing as well as the original).  None of these are my domains either.

Domain and Current price  -  at $85  -  $150  -  $20  -  $15  -  $20  (Yikes!)  -  $75  -  $5  -  $10  -  $12

I could go on but will end it there...

This whole thing kind of reminds me of the saga, which I believe also occurred around New Year's many years ago.  The story was different, but the way the news spread among domainers was similar, and it involved a recent hand reg that sold for six figures (after a quick flip between owners).  Who knows how long the Glitter fad will last, and how long the wesite will continue to make $9.99 sales of glitter, but when you have the tiger by the tale you have to act fast!

One of the amazing things to me is that ANYONE could have come up with this idea a month ago, regged the domain, put up a similar website, and been in the same position as the creater Mathew Carpenter.  Kudos to him for having the creativity to put it all together and get the viral media going, but if the sale actually goes through on Flippa it's a massive payoff for a relativity small amount of effort.  This doesn't happen often but it's a good example of what can happen with a domain name and some website building skills (even now in 2015).  When he set it all up he probably never imagined it would take on a life of it's own like it has, but then again many hot trends usually start out as small projects.  I wonder what will be the next idea?

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