Saturday, March 3, 2012 and Other Recent .ca Domain Sales

The .ca market is still showing signs of life with a few recent reported sales, including one in the mid five figure range.  Thanks to for highlighting these sales.  There is also a .ca domain name currently on auction at Sedo (see below).

Below are three .ca domain sales that occurred in the last two weeks. - $45,000 sold at Domain Name Sales (now has a coming soon page with contact form) - $2,000 sold at Sedo (still a parked page, nice sale for a hyphen domain) - $1,250 sold at Sedo (looks like it was bought by Canadian Supercar Series)

There is also an auction going on right now for at Sedo.  It appears A10 is used for a few sites, including a gaming site and a networks company.  Perhaps one of them started it off.  You don't often see .ca domains like this (letter/numbers combo) selling for relatively large amounts.  Right now the auction is at $1,500. was the sixth highest overall domain sale in the last DNjournal weekly report, and the top country code sale.  The domain is showing up with Christina Schilling as the owner, but the contact info is for Corner Stone Media.  There is a coming soon page up now, so perhaps we will soon see a full blown website on dealing with the flu.  The flu affects millions of North Americans every year, with lots of people searching for good remedies and medications, so this domain has great commercial potential.


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  1. is a nice sale, but I could see it going for more.


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