Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18 .CA domains in TBR

I haven't done this in a while, but I thought I'd review the list of .ca domains that dropped in today's TBR and pick out some of the better ones. By 'better ones', I mean domains that have good keywords or are catchy terms that I could see being used for a website. Some are also just three letter domains, which make good acronyms.

My top picks from today are: (good for a wood pellets site) ('candies' in french) (Brazil, Russia, India, China) (think Willy Wonka) (for Disney World)

On a side note, I tried (unsuccessfully) to get three of these domains today. One of them was, I think it could be used for a website that deals with wood pellets and pellet stoves, used to heat homes. The second I tried for was - I actually used to own this domain, having registered it back in 2000, but I let in drop in the early 2000's during the internet 'bust'. The third domain I am in auction for so I will keep that one to myself for now.

Did you grab anything that dropped today?



  1. Where do you go to find .ca drops?

  2. You can see the names to be released each Wednesday in advance at this link:

    To go after names, you need to use a registrar that has a TBR feature, like or

  3. I got thanks I got outbid on I am not too sure about the resale market for .ca domains. I have no idea wherethe best place to sell them is. but some of these names are hard to pass up. I got because I already have .net and I like the saying it's so versatile. I never realized ow easy it is to get dropped .ca names.


Thank you!