Thursday, June 10, 2010

TRAFFIC Vancouver .CA auction results

TRAFFIC Vancouver is getting good reviews from all the domain bloggers who've been reporting back on the show. I am looking forward to reading the post-show review that will be at

Yesterday they held the .ca auction, and today will be the main auction, followed by the online auction that occurs after each show.

Here are the domains that sold in the .ca auction yesterday: - $9,000 - $500 - $20,000 - $400 - $2,800 - $1,500

(1) Lot of 50's - $1,300

(2) Lot of 50's - $1,200

(3) Lot of 50's - $1,100

Lot of 500's - $4,500 and went for lower prices than I would have expected, so good deals for the buyers. The's were also good deals, although when the domains are transferred to the new owners, they will have to pay a registrant fee of about $10 per domain (which also extends the renewal period by one year). For a 50 domain lot this is an extra $500, for a 500 domain lot it's an extra $5,000.

There were a few domains listed in the auction, mostly with Vancouver or Canada related keywords. Surrey is a city located beside Vancouver that is large and growing in population (over 400,000 people), so it was not surprising to see this .com domain sell. Perhaps it was bought by Kevin Ham, who owns the city portal website. Owning would give him the second largest city Geo .com domain in the Lower Mainland of BC. sales: - $195,000 - $1,000

Ron Jackson at DNJournal has a nice write up on day 2 of the TRAFFIC show, including comments on CIRA and the .ca auction:

The main TRAFFIC auction starts at 3:45 PST today, and there will be more .ca domains in that auction.



  1. I am looking forward to reading the post-show review that will be at

  2. Unbelievable. I would have paid more than the prices mentioned for and without thinking twice.


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