Thursday, February 5, 2009

.ca domain sales of past week - Ron Jackson of DNJournal released the past week's domain sales report, and there were four .ca domain sales listed under country codes. Two of those were already reported in this blog earlier (see below - and, and there were two others I didn't know about.

The report actually covers the past two week's sales, since the author was away at a domain conference for part of that time.

The two other .ca reported sales were: $3,750 US $3,000 US

The second one above, bio-rad, is a bit of a mystery to me as why it sold for such a high price, but there must be a story behind it.

Despite the down economy, the list of country code domain sales was much longer than usual. Country code domains still seem to have a good future, and are getting some recent good press from bloggers like at

Country code domains in many countries around the world are becoming as common, or even more common, than .com domains. It isn't surprising, because as time goes by the number of good .com domains stays the same, and the demand for domains grows. Citizens of most countries in the world are finding it easy to embrace internet use with domains of their own country code.


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