Saturday, October 8, 2011

World Markets & Domain Markets, How are You Doing?

It is Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada, which gives most Canadians a long weekend to enjoy free from work.  Next month us Canadians will look south while Americans enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday (and shopping) weekend, and we're at work.  But for now, it's our time to get an extra day of relaxation and reflect on the year to date, and to think about what's coming at the end of 2011.

The world markets and economy seem to be changing on a daily basis.  Last week news reports feared we were heading into another recession, with Greece set to default and China slowing down.  Yesterday, jobs reports out of Canada and the US were better than expected, which now make some think things aren't as bad as they seem.  Next week it will probably be different all over again.

When the economy is going well, domain names and internet commerce obviously ride the tide and do well alongside almost everything else.

When the economy is doing poorly, many think that domain names and the internet are still growth areas, and will do better than other industries.  Weekly domain sales reports through this year have generally been good, with millions in reported sales every week.  There was a lot of interest in tech IPO's this year from the stock markets, and the Facebook IPO is still greatly anticipated.  Many companies have  been buying up batches of domains related to their new or existing products.  The impact of the new gtld's on existing domain extensions is a hot topic.  Many domainers (including myself) have made no secret this past year of pairing down their portfolios to just the highest quality names.

Internet activity always picks up over the fall and winter as more activities move indoors, and we hit some peak shopping periods.

Given the economy and time of the season we are starting, how do you see the next few months for domain names and internet business?  How has your 2011 been so far and have you noticed any changes in the last month having gone from summer into fall?


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Robert. I've seen an increase in enquiries for my names in the past couple of months - and I believe this level of interest will grow - but given the state of the world economy, many are making low offers and I generally respond that I will wait for the right time to sell.


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