Monday, October 10, 2011 sells for $500,000

I must have missed this sale, but in my news updates today I saw that had sold for $500,000.

What's more interesting is that this sale, along with other domain sale facts, was published by the Huffington Post.

Liberty Media Holdings, better known as gay production company Corbin Fisher, scooped up the NSFW address. In the coming months more domain names with the .xxx extension will go on sale, but the deal was already completed as part of "the Founders Program" operated by ICM Registry.

The article also mentions the upcoming .xxx auction at TRAFFIC.

I think this sale makes Frank Schilling's .xxx investment look even more promising.

To read the HP article, go to:



  1. Great news for the .xxx extension. This just proves that there just might be a little more gold out there.

  2. It went for higher than I would have thought. You could be a few premium .com's for that money.


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