Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two nice .ca domain sales at Sedo


Courtesy of the ccTLD Investors blog, I just saw the past week's cctld sales report from Sedo.

There were two .ca domains on the list, one of them in fifth spot.

The two sales were:

SmartShopping.ca - 10,000 EUR

BizCommunity.ca - 3,000 EUR

At first look both these domains went for a higher sales prices than I would have thought.  SmartShopping.ca currently forwards to SmartShopping.de, which likely explains the price paid.  BizCommunity.ca is currently on a parking page at Godaddy.

Nice to see two good .ca sales happen in the first week of October.

To see the Sedo cctld sales article for this week, go to:


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